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Diversity and Inclusion

At Carey, Everyone Belongs

At The Carey School, we work thoughtfully and continuously to live our core values of diversity and inclusion so that everyone feels welcomed and valued. We start at the highest level with a guiding vision developed by our Board. We then take that vision into our everyday activities, with our OneCarey committee as champions of our efforts

Our Statement on Diversity & Inclusion

At The Carey School, we want our students to thrive in a changing, diverse, and multicultural world. As an elementary school we prepare them for this by:

  • Nurturing curiosity and modeling respect for all life experiences
  • Sustaining a welcoming and caring culture
  • Celebrating, promoting and appreciating our differences and similarities
  • Striving to reflect the diversity of our surrounding community in our students, faculty, administration, staff, families and Board of Trustees

So that our: 


  • Feel they can be themselves at Carey
  • Identify with and feel supported by others
  • Embrace new experiences with versatility and open-mindedness

Faculty, Staff and Administration

  • Feel inspired by their work and make an impact
  • Find a supportive environment for professional and personal growth
  • Promote inclusivity through cultural competency


  • Feel welcome, comfortable and valued at Carey
  • Connect with and support other Carey families
  • Share their unique backgrounds to enrich student understanding and life experience

Board of Trustees

  • Reflect the diverse perspectives of all constituencies
  • Align our strategic goals and financial resources to support our diversity plan
  • Act as ambassadors to promote diversity and its vital role in preparing our students


OneCarey: Our Champions for Diversity & Inclusion

A cross-constituent team of faculty, administrative staff, parents and trustees, our OneCarey committee works to ensure a diverse and inclusive Carey for all we serve. Through community events, curricular review, faculty professional development, parent and family education, admissions outreach, hiring and more, OneCarey promotes a diverse and inclusive community that helps prepare our students to thrive in a multi-cultural world.