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Welcome from the Head of School


Welcome to The Carey School. We hope our website will help answer a key question on the minds of many new families: What makes Carey distinctive?

The answer lies in our approach to teaching, learning, and community-building. It has been articulated in many ways by parents, students, and teachers, and each response illuminates an important dimension of our school. Some say we have "heart and soul." Others say we live our commitments – in areas like community, partnership, diversity, inclusion, compassion, and service. Still others note that our program is uniquely integrated and balanced. Character education, for example, is not an "add-on" to our academics; it is part of all our endeavors.

Ultimately, perhaps it is that everything we do is aimed at fostering an environment where students feel secure enough to take the intellectual risks that will truly extend their learning. Every day teachers use social emotional tools that keep classrooms positive and peer relationships strong. We gather regularly for all-school events, building cohesion and school-wide spirit. Everyone at Carey has equal access to facilities and resources. From the youngest pre-kindergartner to the fifth-grade leader, they share fields and labs in a way that’s developmentally ideal. Even our size is deliberate. There is something magic about grades of 40 students. Children are known; they have a grade-level identity – but they are still shaped and influenced by the group.

Just as important, students know that at school and at home, we all have our oars in the water together – that everyone supports the Carey values of curiosity, confidence, and joyful learning.

It is for all these reasons that our values are, in a sense, contagious. It is why all of our students – those for whom learning comes easily and those who have to work a little harder at it – all end up with the skills and confidence to identify their intellectual passion and follow wherever it leads.

In the end, we are gratified that it so often leads right back to Carey, as a place to reconnect with friends and mentors, and to educate their own children.

Welcome to our community,


Duncan Lyon
Head of School