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About Our Board

The Carey School’s Board of Trustees helps ensure that the school is healthy, vibrant, and well-positioned to serve future generations by providing oversight of its financial, physical, and human resources. The Board also plays a key role in establishing the school’s mission, vision, strategic goals, and policies.

The Carey School Board of TrusteesLike other NAIS and CAIS-accredited independent schools, the Board's essential functions include:

  • safeguarding the financial sustainability of the school

  • planning strategically for the future

  • maintaining bylaws and policies consistent with the school's mission

  • selecting and evaluating the Head of School

  • identifying, selecting, and orienting new trustees

  • assuring the school's compliance with applicable laws and regulations

Board members also play a leadership role in fundraising efforts.

How many trustees are there?

The Carey School Board of Trustees consists of 16-23 voting members, plus two ex-officio members: the Head of School and the President of The Carey School Parents Association. Board members typically serve at least one three-year term and for no more than six years.

What are the Board committees and how do they work?

Board committees include:

  • Development Committee
  • Building and Grounds Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Finance / Audit Committee
  • Long-Term Sustainability Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Trustee Committee
  • One Carey Committee
  • Program Committee

Other committees are influenced by the strategic initiatives being undertaken by the school at any given time. These may include:

  • Capital Campaign Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee

Board members are asked to serve on two committees.  This is largely where the work of the Board is accomplished. Committees normally meet once a month, with committee work often delegated among members.

How often does the full Board meet?

The full Board meets regularly seven or eight times per year.

What are the requirements of a Board member?

Serving as a member of the Board of Trustees requires a serious commitment of time and energy. Because there is a lot of work to do, Board members must be willing to fulfill their obligations, attend meetings, maintain confidentiality, and work collaboratively and honestly for the benefit of the entire school.  Board members are also expected to make gifts to the annual fund and capital campaigns and often play leadership roles in these fundraising efforts.

Is the Board compensated?

There is no compensation for Carey School Board members.

How does the Board communicate with the Carey community?

The Board updates the community regularly through notices in The Eagle’s Eye and presentations at CSPA meetings. Additionally, the Board hosts various events during the school year designed to keep the community informed of Board business and decisions.

How are Board members elected?

The Trustee Committee of the Board determines which skill sets may be needed for incoming board members based on the school’s strategic needs and goals. The committee also looks at the skills of departing trustees and tries to maintain a balance of skills from one year to another. Once the necessary skill sets are identified, the Trustee Committee examines the parent and alumni population as well as educators and community leaders from outside the Carey community to determine who might best provide the time, wisdom, and skills needed to help lead Carey as a trustee. It is also very important for Carey to have a board that is demographically representative of our community. Once identified, possible trustee candidates are interviewed by members of the Board to determine the candidates’ willingness and ability to serve. Individual names are then presented to the full Board for a vote. If selected, candidates begin their three-year terms on July 1 of the year they are elected.

How do I nominate someone for the Board of Trustees?

If you are interested in nominating someone who has an interest in serving on the Board of Trustees, please direct your suggestions to the Chair of the Trustee Committee, the President of the Board of Trustees, or the Head of School.