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Bay Area Directors of Admission Principles of Good Practice

The Bay Area Directors of Admission (BADA) is a collaboration of Bay Area independent school admission officers whose members meet twice a year to establish common admission dates, educate new members, and discuss current issues in the Bay Area independent school admissions process. In an effort to best serve students and families during the admission process, the Bay Area Directors of Admission developed a set of Principles of Good Practice. These Principles encourage mutual respect among the member schools and support practices, activities, and events that are student‐centered, family friendly and age appropriate for our applicants. The Bay Area Directors of Admission believe that you deserve to be apprised of these Principles of Good Practice; a summary of the Principles is therefore listed below.

Mission Statement

The Bay Area Directors of Admission (BADA) group exists to support families and schools in the admission process by promoting best practices, coordinated timelines, and open communication. Members agree to collaborate in the process of implementing best practices that support smooth, respectful and predictable admission experiences for both families and schools. Membership is open to independent schools in the Bay Area that share and agree to practice the mission of BADA by living the guidelines of best practices, adherence to protocols and deadlines, and maintaining open communication.

On behalf of each respective Bay Area independent school, the Bay Area Directors of Admission agree...

  1. To use common dates for the mailing of decision letters and contracts.
  2. To accept the "Common Confidential Student Evaluation" forms.
  3. To attend one regional meeting (BADA, DASBP, etc.) at least every two years.
  4. To fund prospective students according to their demonstrated need using consistent guidelines for financial aid and as a school's funds allow.
  5. To observe "Quiet Week." "Quiet Week" is the week prior to the contract deadline. During this week schools agree not to initiate contact with families, but rather to allow parents to focus on the decision‐making process. Parents may, of course, initiate contact with schools. "In accordance with the Principles of Good Practice of Bay Area Directors of Admission, no member of The Carey School community will initiate contact with you prior to the contract deadline. Bay Area Directors of Admission have agreed that this is a decision-making time for your family."
  6. To act collegially, in the interest of families, upon learning that a student at one independent school applies to another independent school.
  7. To honor each child and family as unique and work to make the mission of the school clear so that families and schools work together to find the best possible match.
  8. To represent their schools ethically and professionally, as well as speak with integrity in reference to other schools and educational institutions.
  9. To offer a place to a student from another BADA school only after receiving an official transcript and confidential student evaluation form from the student's current school.

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