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Carey Traditions

At Carey, we celebrate our community with cherished traditions.Community Traditions

Holiday Sing, Operetta, and Spaghetti Dinner are just a few time-honored traditions that our school community looks forward to every year. The annual 1st-5th grade end-of-the year field trip to Saratoga Springs is an event that all of our students anticipate, and we celebrate the school year with fun activities, games and several trips to the snack bar! 

Learning Traditions

Throughout the year, we create time and space to come together as a learning community. Art days, World Language Days, Pauline Murray Sports Day and author visits and our Maker Faire allow students to make connections and dive deeper into Specialist content. Weekly assemblies bring all of our students together for singing, learning and reflecting on kindness, respect and responsibility. Our Nest groups and Buddies provide students with an opportunity to connect and work with other students across grade levels, building connections that weave our school together.