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Students as Leaders

Carey students build leadership skills in each grade level culminating in our fifth grade leadership program.

As the oldest students on campus, our fifth graders have multiple opportunities to further develop and utilize their leadership skills.  Leadership studies are integrated into SEL activities, weekly class meetings, and opportunities to evaluate the leaders (and non-leaders) that we meet in our reading and social studies lessons.  Over the course of a year, the students develop a personal definition of leadership, meet a variety of leaders in the course of their studies, try out different leadership roles, and experience the relationship between effective leadership and productive collaboration.  In addition, the students have plenty of opportunities to practice leadership amongst the Carey community.  

Leadership Opportunities:

  • Maintaining our school garden

  • Mentoring their 2nd grade buddies and acting as student role models for small social skills groups

  • Leading assemblies

  • Participating in school events, such as DEI parent night, Celebration of Learning

  • Showcasing our school’s Maker Faire

  • Starring in school’s Operetta

  • Assuming greater responsibility for self-directed learning through class presentations, group projects, and leading book clubs

  • Leading individual spring conferences with teachers and families