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Supporting our Students

At Carey, our goal is to meet all students’ learning, social and emotional, and developmental needs through an integrated support framework.

Supporting our students is a collaborative effort, bringing together teachers, learning specialists, families, psychologists, and other related service providers (e.g., speech pathologists, occupational therapists). We work together as partners with the shared goal of unlocking each child’s strengths and offering any support needed so they may thrive as self-realized, joyous, and confident learners. 

Our learning specialists and teachers seek to build flexible and responsive learning environments and experiences. Through our collaborative efforts, we aim to design our instruction with embedded, universal supports and strategies which dismantle learning barriers and provide multiple points of access and opportunity for children to engage with, represent and express their understanding of rich curriculum and content. At times, learners benefit from more targeted support systems such as: small group or individualized instruction, goal setting, close progress monitoring, specialized classroom accommodations, and more regular home-to-school communication. Our Student Support Team helps to bring a child’s team of teachers, specialists and family members together in order to brainstorm, communicate, implement, and monitor positive solutions so that each child feels a sense of belonging and purpose on their educational journey at Carey.