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A School for the Whole Family

When we say Carey is a school for your family, that means the entire family. We know that grandparents play a significant role in many of our student's lives, and we honor that involvement.

Celebrating Milestones 

We invite grandparents to join us as special guests at Carey festivities and milestones. Children light up when grandparents applaud a performance at Holiday Sing or Operetta, circle the track with them or cheer from the stands at Walkfest, or offer a congratulatory hug at kindergarten and fifth-grade graduations.

Being Celebrated

Each year we host Generations Day, an event  dedicated to honoring grandparents’ special role in our students’ lives. Through classroom visits, activities and performances our students connect with grandparents in “their space” and  share in a very hands-on way how they learn and grow at Carey.