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Parent Education

We Are All Learners

Children don’t come with an owner’s manual. Parenting is an exercise in lifelong learning. That’s why we provide educational opportunities and resources to support our parents during the elementary years.


Our faculty and staff are experts in early childhood and elementary education. They share their subject-matter expertise, trends, and innovations in education through presentations at Back to School Night, curriculum night, and parents association meetings. School leaders also curate publications and lectures in the latest elementary topics and hold parent meetings to explain the developmental stages and needs of our students.


Throughout the year, we host local and national authorities on specialized areas of child development, parenting, and other education topics. We also provide access to the leading minds in child-rearing through our membership in Common Ground, an independent school consortium parent education speaker series. Our mid-peninsula location and Hall of Feathers community space make Carey an ideal venue for a variety of educational organizations and associations.


Our families are often each other’s best resource. To facilitate family-to-family and parent-to-parent sharing, we host grade-level parent gatherings, socials, and informal coffees. Our Carey School Parents Association (CSPA) and its Parent Education committee serve as facilitators of these important opportunities throughout the year.

If you have ideas for speakers or events, we welcome you to share and participate with us.