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Celebration of Learning

2019-2020 School Year

This year, our  Celebration of Learning is like no other! Although we cannot tour our campus together, we can celebrate the unique 2019-2020 school year. Teachers have put together a virtual view into the amazing work that has taken place in classrooms, on campus and remotely, to share with our whole community. The art team of Mr. Difley and Ms. Nadia will be debuting a virtual art show, showcasing art work from all grade levels for Clare Carey Willard Art Week.

Be sure to view the classrooms of your child and also take a look at their grade level next year to get a glimpse of what next year will bring. Let's come together and Celebrate Carey!

Home Room

Pre K

Teachers: Ms. Vincent & Ms. Riedel



Teacher: Ms. Gullo


Teachers: Ms. Martin & Ms. Wilk

First Grade

Teachers: Ms. Ramirez & Ms. Quiney

First Grade

Teachers: Ms. Zirelli​ & Mr. Benjamin

Second Grade

Teachers: Ms. Agnew & Ms. Benchora

 Second Grade

 Teachers: Ms. Carli & Ms. Wheeler

Third Grade

Teachers: Ms. Dixon & Ms. Goggiano

 Third Grade

 Teachers: Ms. Pham & Ms. Goggiano

Hilary KatzFourth Grade

Teachers: Ms. Katz & Ms. Tsaousidis

Fourth Grade

Teachers: Ms. McGovern & Ms. Tsaousidis

Fifth Grade

Teacher: Mr. Chanin

Fifth Grade

Teacher: Ms. Lawson



PK - Second Grade
Teacher: Ms. Anoush


Third GradeFourth GradeFifth Grade
Teacher: Ms. Considine


Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade
Teacher: Ms. Agazzi


Third Grade, Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade
Teacher: Ms. Frediani


PK, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade
Teacher: Ms. Dubois


Third - Fifth Grade
Teacher: Ms. Nash


PKKG, KM, 1R, 1Z, 2A, 2C
Teacher: Mr. Desroches


PK - Fifth Grade
Teacher: Ms. Shon


PK - Second Grade Gallery
Third - Fifth Grade Gallery
Teacher: Mr. Difley & Ms. Nadia


PK - Fifth Grade
Teacher: Jamie Trierweiler


PK - Fifth Grade
Teacher: Jennifer De Souza


2nd - Fifth Grade
Teacher: Nate Geer

Garden & Environmental Education

PK - Fifth Grade
Teacher: Helen Lew