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Summer Learning Resources

Happy summer! Each summer, many families look to teachers to provide work for their children to stay focused on school. Although research on whether students really do lose academic knowledge over the long summer is inconclusive, we do know that staying connected to school, using academic language and tapping into student’s background knowledge are important to help students be ready for school to begin in the fall. 

Check below for resources curated by our faculty, Student Support Team (SST) and even Extended Care team.  We invite families to explore choice boards (for incoming grades) for their child’s new grade level. Challenge your child to do each item on the board, or as many items as you would like, with as much frequency as you would like.  The activities recommended should require little to no materials and can be done anywhere. 

As a Carey School parent your child has access to our Carey Digital Library (sora app). Borrow up to four e-books and/or audiobooks at a time! Your child's login credentials have been sent in an email.

School wide resources:

Educational Apps and Sites Recommended by Carey

Carey Connected Summer Offerings

DEI Resources for Families

Grade specific resources:

PK & K Resources

PK Summer Choice Boards

K Summer Choice Boards


App Access for students


  • Epic Book App
  • Raz-Kids
  • Bob Book series - (emerging/early readers)
  • Scholastic - (early reader packs) 
  • Pete the Cat - Phonics Book Set - (early readers)
  • Worksheets

Word Work/Grammar


  • Pen Pal - Buddy, grandparent, friend, sibling, babysitter.
  • Journaling
  • Diary
  • Comic strip