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Specialist Teachers


Specialist Teachers

Sherry Anoush's picture

Sherry Anoush

French Teacher
Zita Agazzi's picture

Zita Agazzi

Spanish Teacher
Liz Considine's picture

Liz Considine

French Teacher
Jennifer de Sousa's picture

Jennifer de Sousa

Barney Desroches's picture

Barney Desroches

Technology Coordinator
Mel DuBois's picture

Mel DuBois

Science Teacher
Raymond Difley's picture

Raymond Difley

Art Teacher
Linda Dugoni's picture

Linda Dugoni

Spanish Teacher
Nate Geer's picture

Nate Geer

Technology Integration Specialist
Saul Gerry's picture

Saul Gerry

Math Teacher
Lindsey Hetrick's picture

Lindsey Hetrick

Science Teacher
Helen Lew's picture

Helen Lew

Environmental Coordinator
Coordinator of Extended Care
Dayna Shon's picture

Dayna Shon

Music Teacher
Jamie Trierweiler's picture

Jamie Trierweiler

Physical Education Teacher