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Learning Path Overview

Balanced Learning Every Day

Student explore in our Thinkering LabHow do we describe our curriculum in one word? Balance. At Carey we balance work and play, core and specialist content, and the best of traditional and innovative teaching approaches to offer a rich educational experience for each child.

Power of Play

We know that learning starts with play. At any age, play helps our students think in novel ways, collaborate with others, and test ideas. As academic challenge grows, play keeps our students engaged and joyful.

Core and More

Our unique teaching structure ensures that teachers bring their passion and mastery to each and every subject. Our homeroom teachers are experts in the core areas of reading, writing, math, and social studies. Our specialists each focus on a particular subject: science, French, Spanish, library, physical education, music, art, or thinkering. We also have math and literacy specialists for enrichment and extra support. Each day, Carey students are exposed to a well-rounded, rotating schedule that keeps them fully immersed in learning.

Students arrive at school ready to learn and play

Tailored for Young Learners

We know how elementary students learn, and we've designed our educational program to match it. We use a variety of research-based methods to set the stage for long-term academic success. For example, our teachers guide students through a range of structured strategies to extend and deepen their thinking.

They also use techniques to foster the supportive class dynamics that encourage intellectual risk taking. Our "thinkering" curriculum encourages students to see technology as a tool to support learning, both in the classroom and in our Thinkering Lab where they can tinker, probe, deconstruct, re-imagine, and create. And our world language classes meet nearly every day, building students' comfort in a second language and strengthening the neural pathways for future language study.