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Learning during cooperative play We know that kindergartners are energetic and curious. They learn by doing and trying, need to make personal connections in order to learn and build schema, explore through fantasy and make-believe, and thrive in structure and routine.

We help our kindergartners begin to know themselves as they practice how to: be a good friend; resolve conflict; identify and describe their feelings; contribute to a group; and build resilience, perseverance, and respect.

Our Goals for Kindergartners


Strengthen pre-literacy skills and begin to see themselves as writers and storytellers.


Learn good reader habits and to appreciate story structure. Develop sound symbol correspondence and phonics skills to create a strong reading foundation.

Learning about music in our kindergarten classroom


Learn about self, family and people in our school community to explore identity, difference, fairness and respect.


Explore numbers 1-100, patterns, sorting, and shapes, and begin to articulate and represent mathematical thinking.

Kindergarten visits the science labSCIENCE:

Identify patterns in the natural and designed world, communicate observations, and begin to use basic scientific tools to expand their senses.


Build foundational skills through songs and plays in French and Spanish, learn basic interactions, and begin developing awareness.


Develop a love of reading; learn how to find, check out, and care for books; practice active listening; and become exposed to a variety of literature.

Building locomotor skills in P.E.PE:

Build locomotor skills and coordination through physical activity and learn to share, cooperate, play fair and be a good sportsperson through individual, small group and team games and activities.


Learn to listen for rhythm and melody, and learn to keep a steady beat with their bodies.


Develop a love of art, appreciate that there are “no mistakes in art” through a continuation of building fine and gross motor hand strength while working with a variety of art mediums.


Learn to listen to directions, work productively, and think as makers by engaging with hands-on, interactive, and computer-based activities.