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We know that pre-kindergartners are active and enjoy being helpful. They need to explore, try things, and test limits; crave reasonable limits and opportunities to learn boundaries; and need practice sharing and interacting with adults and children.

We help our pre-kindergartners begin to know themselves as they explore boundaries, operate in personal and shared space, and give and take with both words and items.

Our goals for pre-kindergartners


Explore concepts of print, story development, and reading comprehension, and build pre-reading skills and awareness of letters and letter sounds.


Create an interest in writing using dictation and verbal story sequencing, and foster fine motor skills through play.


Build awareness of themselves, their families and others through play and activity.


Explore the world of numbers, one-to-one correspondence, and the purpose for numbers and math in their world.


Learn the fundamentals of investigation by using their senses and begin to develop scientific language to describe objects and scientific phenomena through play.


Expand their awareness of the world through French and Spanish languages and culture, and become active learners through singing and acting.


Build excitement about reading, learn how to check out and care for books, and practice active listening and participation skills.


Explore and discover what it is to be physically active, begin to develop locomotor skills and coordination, and learn how to share and cooperate with one another.


Learn to listen, keep a steady beat, sing songs that help them match pitch, and extend their vocal range.


Develop fine and gross motor skills and, using their hands, build a love of making art.


Develop hand-eye coordination for interacting with computers, tablets, and maker materials, and explore and wonder about how they interact with the world.