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Environmental Education

Learning from the Wonders Around Us

Students and faculty sift for minerals using a screen boxThe natural world is full of learning opportunities. At Carey we are constantly creating new ways for our students to move, explore, and appreciate the richness of our outside spaces.

Learning Garden

The south end of our school is home to our certified Wildlife Habitat Garden. Students plant seeds and tend to our fruit and vegetable garden, brainstorm ways to sustain the garden, engage in imaginative play, and collaborate with their teachers to learn about plants, insects, wildlife, health, and nutrition. Our kitchen celebrates each planting season with the addition of freshly grown produce to our lunch menus. We pay our success forward by sharing seeds and plantings with local schools.

Environmental Awareness

We take what’s happening on a small scale on our campus into the classroom for larger studies of key environmental issues. Water conservation, risks of sun exposure, composting, and the impact of plastics are among the topics our older students address through research, awareness-raising, and making recommendations to our school community. Despite their young age, they are already becoming agents of change.

Off-Campus Exploration

Students venture off campus on a variety of field trips to enhance our environmental education curriculum. Whether it's visiting our local bay shore or camping overnight in the Coloma gold country or Santa Cruz mountains, our students get a taste for outdoor education and the role they can play in preserving our delicate local ecosystem.