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Integrated Learning

We Connect the Dots

A group of students having an a-ha! momentWe know that students consume learning in different ways and from different perspectives throughout their day. That’s why we build connections across our curricular studies to make learning more engaging, impactful, and fun.

A-ha! Moments

Cognitive development theory reminds us that our brains innately seek to integrate new knowledge with prior knowledge. At Carey, we help students learn and experience new material by exposing them to common language used across many contexts. Working collaboratively, teachers of different disciplines may ask students the same question but let them develop answers while thinking as writers, readers, scientists, musicians, and artists. This helps our students find deeper meaning.

Fostering Curiosity

Students in pre-kindergarten through second grade learn about the world around them and naturally ask lots of questions. By integrating studies we immerse younger learners in a particular topic, whether it’s the interconnectedness of friendships and Kandinsky paintings or the study of bats through reading, science, art, and music. At Carey, our students consume their learning in one big bite, with time to slow down and enjoy the flavors.

Training Critical Thinkers

We integrate research, scientific analysis, persuasive writing, and presentation skills into more advanced integrated studies for our students in third through fifth grade. From the study of world cultures to the impact of plastics on our environment, our program reinforces curricular objectives in core subjects with thematic objectives that span across them. The result is greater understanding and the ability to see problems and solutions from multiple vantage points.