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Service Learning

We Make a Difference

Service learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with classroom instruction and reflection. It enriches the learning experience, teaches civic responsibility, and strengthens our connections to others.

Designed for Elementary Students

Just as our academic curriculum is tailored to the developmental needs of elementary students, so are our service learning opportunities. Whether supporting an animal shelter, working in a community garden, or collecting treasured but outgrown books as a holiday surprise for local kindergartners, students learn about and relate to people, animals, literature, and our environment in meaningful ways.

Building Character

Our service learning curriculum gives our students a chance to put their Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills to use. What better way to build empathy, see multiple perspectives, develop self-awareness, and collaborate with others than through a project serving a larger need. Service learning brings SEL to life for students and develops character and compassion.

Students visit an animal shelter for service learning

Part of ​Everyday Studies

At Carey, service learning is not an add-on experience. It’s woven throughout. For example, for a third grade service project, students write a persuasive essay on an organization in need, define what service learning means to them, and present recommendations on how the class can help. By informing and inspiring their peers on the topic of service, our students learn they have the power to make a difference.