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Student Support Services

Helping Every Child be Successful

A letter board can provide a little extra helpWe monitor each student’s academic, social, and emotional progress on a regular basis. At times, some students need a little extra help, and our Student Support Team is here for them.

Each Child is a Unique Learner

We use formative and summative assessments to track student performance and provide a shared framework for parent-teacher discussions. We also screen every kindergarten student in reading and expressive language to detect early issues and areas of strength. If outside assessment is needed, we offer referrals and financial support.

An Expert Team

Our team of learning specialists provides additional support in reading, writing, math, and childhood/family counseling. They work in tandem with our teachers to identify areas of need and create a plan for success. Our parents association complements and supports our efforts through the Group on Learning Diversity (GOLD) committee.

Your Child’s Partner

You know your child best. We work closely with you to understand your child’s learning style and how best to support them. Our teachers get to know both you and your child and develop a relationship in which the needs of each child are at the forefront. This translates into regular communication as your student progresses.