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Biped Club

Biped Club Photo

Please click on the video below to view our visit with the San Mateo Police Department and police escort to Beresford Park.

If you have two feet and can use them to get to school (by bike, scooter, roller skates, or walking), we invite you to join the newly organized Carey Biped Club. Even if you can’t commute regularly by non-motorized vehicle, you are still welcome to join us.  Our purpose is to raise awareness about alternative means of commuting and to create a fun community of students and parents who would like to incorporate it into their lives.

The Carey Biped Club will meet once a month to commute to school together from Beresford Park. After school, we will meet briefly in the courtyard before biking to Beresford Park for snacks and playtime.  Parents/caregivers should plan to attend the brief meetings and bike with your child.

Everyone is welcome to join in any of these events.  If you live too far to bike to school, consider loading your bikes onto your car and driving to Beresford Park to join our group walk/ride to school. And even if you can’t walk/ride with us, feel free to join our meetings.  We have many interesting speakers and topics planned.


We will have a group ride from Beresford Park to school on the morning of each meeting. Meet at 8am under the big tree between the swings and play structure. Please RSVP with your interest and/or questions to:

We look forward to seeing you!

Rules of the road

  • Always ride with a helmet.
  • Parents/caregivers must supervise and ride/walk close by their students to and from the park. Parents/caregivers are responsible for the safety of their own students during the rides.
  • Ride single file on the right side of the sidewalk (no riding in the street).
  • Keep enough space between riders in case of sudden stops.
  • Announce to your group if you need to slow down or make an unexpected stop.
  • Yield to pedestrians and slower traffic. Be especially careful when riding in front of schools where foot traffic increases.
  • Stop at every corner and proceed only when the adult gives the signal to cross the street. (Ride or walk your bike across the street, as the adult directs.)
  • Riders will convene at a designated meeting place and then depart in groups no larger than 10 people.
  • All riders must follow the designated route to and from The Carey School.
  • In front of Carey, please walk bikes from the fire hydrant to the front gate of school.
  • Always walk bikes on campus and maintain the orderly parking of bikes.

Our route

Meet under the big tree encircled by a low stone wall in the center of Beresford Park (between the swings and the big play structure).

  • Exit the park heading north towards Meadow Heights School and Parkside Way.
  • Turn right on Parkside Way.
  • Turn left on the west side of Alameda.
  • Turn right turn on 26th Ave and cross Alameda de las Pulgas; cross 26th to continue on the east side of Alameda.
  • Continue on Alameda to Carey.
  • Please walk bikes from the fire hydrant in front of Carey to the front gate and into campus.