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Field Trips

The Carey School has wonderful opportunities throughout the year to enrich our children’s education with various field trips. Transportation for many but not all of these trips is arranged by the Room Parents.

Remind all parents that students are to wear a Carey logo shirt for field trips, unless otherwise directed (Miss Linda suggests that the children dress more formally for trips to the ballet and symphony).

Since volunteer chaperones often sign up for field trips at the beginning of the school year, Room Parents should confirm availability of all drivers at least one week prior to the field trip date. It is also helpful to inform the teachers how many children each driver can accommodate in their vehicle. Remind classroom parents or volunteer drivers to provide car seats when necessary.

Confirm with the main office that drivers have submitted a copy of their insurance declaration page. Many insurance policies run in six-month periods. You should recheck the status of your drivers’ policies with the main office prior to field trips.