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Fundraisers and Operetta

Included in the many Carey School events are three very special ones. The fundraisers are a wonderful opportunity for parents to fulfill Revenue Volunteer Hours, and Service Volunteer Hours can be earned assisting in Operetta and elsewhere.


The Carey School holds an annual Walkfest in early October to both raise money and celebrate the school. It is usually held at Serra High School. As Room Parent, you need to communicate the date and details of this event to your class. You should encourage each child to participate. Our goal is to achieve 100% participation from each classroom.


Room Parents will work with the Auction Project Lead to recruit volunteers for the grade auction project.

A parent volunteer should be designated to lead and manage the auction project. Work with the Auction Project Lead to get ideas about possible projects. Contact the teacher some time in November, if not before, to discuss a plan for the auction project. When planning for your project, please keep in mind that it will be displayed at the actual auction. It is the responsibility of each grade to transport their auction item to the actual auction site. Please plan the size of your project accordingly. Due to space constraints, auction projects cannot be stored on campus. For questions concerning this event, contact the Auction Project Lead.


Your responsibility as Room Parent is to communicate to the parents in your classroom what the theme of the Operetta will be and what elements of the costume their child will need for the event. This information will be shared by the Operetta costume liaison assigned to your class. Assistance may be needed in helping to fit children for costumes prior to the event. In addition, the treasurer should plan to allocate $30-$35 per child in the classroom budget for Operetta costumes.