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Graduation Events

Pre-K and 4th Grade Only

A word about school-wide events:

We want to emphasize that the goal for any event is that it is both simple and tasteful. Please keep this in mind while you plan your school-wide and classroom events.

Your grade is responsible for providing the food, set-up, tablecloths, paper goods, and decorations as well as clean-up, for your event. Kindergarten graduation is hosted by Pre-K, and 5th grade graduation is hosted by 4th grade. All families in the classroom are asked to contribute in some way. Parents may be asked to bring refreshments or volunteer their time to assist you during the event. In addition to the clean-up provided by classroom parents, you may need to coordinate for additional janitorial and lock-up services. More details on this will be provided.

Making sign-up sheets available or sign-ups online on the Volunteer Portal will greatly assist your efforts. It is a good idea to contact each volunteer prior to their event to remind them of their responsibilities.

4th Grade Room Parents:

5th grade graduation is funded by the school. 4th grade parents who are hosting the event should work with Luis Martinez and Neely Norris regarding overall budget and planning so that the school can pay invoices directly rather than reimbursing parents for any spending.

Pre-K Room Parents:

Kindergarten graduation is funded by the Pre-K classroom funds. The class funds can be used towards decorations and paper goods (if not available in the CSPA Supply Closet), and Jaime should be contacted about providing coffee, hot water, ice water etc. Parents may sign-up and volunteer to bring light refreshments.

If you have any questions, please see your CSPA Vice President.