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Staff Appreciation Breakfast

Room Parents are responsible for hosting one of the monthly breakfasts for the staff as part of our Teacher Appreciation program. Grades take turns hosting this event, usually held the first active Friday of each month. Please confirm the date of your breakfast.

The classroom parents, under the direction of the Room Parents, will provide a breakfast that could include, but is not limited to fruit, granola, eggs, breads, etc. and coffee and tea service for approximately 45 people. It is recommended that you coordinate with Rafa, the Epicurean head chef, to plan the menu. Each class is budgeted $175 from the classroom funds for the breakfast. Out of the combined funds, we suggest a tip amount of $75-$100, depending on the amount of time spent preparing the breakfast, to be shared among the kitchen staff at Rafa's discretion. A survey of the teachers tells us they prefer low carbohydrate, fruit and egg dishes as opposed to snacks/foods of the sweet variety. Of course, use your imagination for menu planning and please include vegetarian options.

Additional details to assist with planning the breakfast can be found in the Faculty Appreciation Breakfast Guide. Set-up must be completed by 7:30am. Please have the faculty breakfast completely cleaned up by 11:00 am. Sugar, tea, and some paper goods are available from Rafa or in the CSPA closet. Please investigate this resource before your event for decor as well. Finally, please note – gifts or favors should not be given at breakfasts. Your friendly faces and good food are thanks enough.

Other Forms of Staff Appreciation

The following occur throughout the year and are funded and coordinated through the CSPA.

  • Faculty Appreciation Week: Special recognition given to teachers and staff. Specifics will be given during the year in the Eagle’s Eye.
  • Back to School Lunches: Provided for teachers and staff during the final week of summer as a “welcome back” gesture.
  • Wish Lists: The CSPA contributes funds to each teacher and specialist’s classroom budget to enhance the school year for their students as they see fit.
  • Anniversary Awards: Given to teachers and staff based on years of service. Every 5 years of service earns an award of increasing value.  These awards are given at one of the December Faculty Meetings.