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CSPA Supply Closet Procedure

The CSPA has some supplies on hand for school-wide events. You may check the CSPA Supply Closet to see if there are already supplies on hand for your event. If not, please plan on purchasing paper products for your specific event. You can store any leftovers in the CSPA Supply Closet.

Please check with the Supply Closet Coordinators (Amy Vinther and Danielle Kling), or a CSPA Executive Team Member, if you have any questions about the closet and please keep the closet NEAT!

There are an ample number of tablecloths and serving trays in the supply closet. If you find that you need more tablecloths, you may use paper from the big rolls stored at the school.

You may need extension cords depending on the appliances needed at your event, you can request these from Marlon Flores, The Carey School Facilities Manager, but allow him ample time to plan.

* The Supply Closet, is open during regular school hours. For off hours use, please contact the Supply Closet Chairs.