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Room Parent Responsibilities

Your primary role is to support classroom activities as requested by the teacher and act as the liaison between the teacher and classroom parents.

Room Parent responsibilities are:

  • Parties: Oversee, coordinate and volunteer for each of the following parties: Halloween, Winter/Holiday, Valentine’s Day, and End of Year.
  • In Class Birthdays: Oversee monthly birthday celebrations. Manage parent volunteers and ensure every month has a birthday coordinator.
  • Class Photographer: If possible take pictures at parties and events and upload to location designated by the advancement office.
  • Field Trips: Manage drivers and chaperones for field trips as needed.
  • Communications: Communicate classroom news/announcements from the teacher and CSPA and school news/announcements to the classroom parents.
  • Treasurer: Prepare budget and manage class funds, including obtaining contributions and issuing reimbursements.
  • Pre-K & 4th Grade: Coordinate your assigned graduation event.
  • Teacher Gifts: Purchase birthday, holiday, and end of year gifts and cards for homeroom teachers and assistants.
  • Auction Project: Recruit parent volunteers to oversee auction project. Help come up with ideas and oversee project creations.
  • Staff Appreciation Breakfast: Plan food, decorations, etc. for breakfast and coordinate parents to provide food items, set up, serve and clean up.
  • Volunteer Portal: Create and post online class sign up sheets through the Carey School Volunteer Portal for field trip, party, etc. volunteers.
  • Back to School Night: Introduce room parents at back to school night, explain budget, give brief overview of the year and parent requirements, explain signup procedures for field trips, parties, auction project, etc. Try to get all parents to sign up early for these activities.
  • Attend CSPA Meetings.
  • Moms/Dads Night Out: Organize a social gathering for the parents of your grade at the beginning of the school year.
  • (Kindergarten) Mystery Reader: Teachers provides signup sheet for parents to choose a date to read to the class; have this at Back to School Night.
  • (Pre-K through 1st grade) Holiday traditions: Check with teacher for details.
  • (Kindergarten) Oversee coordinator and volunteer for Heritage Hour parties.

In the past, Room Parents have enjoyed coordinating or having a designated parent coordinate fun social events for the classroom families beyond those held in the classroom (e.g. “Back to School" picnics or pizza dinners, parent holiday party) either right before school starts or sometime around the first week of school and a Moms or Dads "Night Out" during the year. These activities are well received and families look forward to these opportunities to meet other parents.

Room Parents are to attend CSPA meetings. The meetings occur throughout the year and are calendared a month or more in advance. Night meetings include childcare. Attending meetings are a wonderful way to interact with other parents and to stay informed on CSPA issues and activities. Please try to have at least one Room Parent from your class attend each CSPA meeting so that they may pass on the important information from the meeting(s) to the rest of their class.

We are fortunate to have two homerooms per grade (except PreK) and though double classes tend to share activities and events, for example, birthday parties, you are not limited to working exclusively together.


Since we have three Room Parents per class, it is a good idea to divide up the duties assigned to each class and meet or email frequently. Be sure to have one person designated to do communication. This person will be responsible for weekly communication to other parents. Be certain to inform your teacher who the communication person is. The ‘communications’ parent should be proactive in speaking with the teachers, who are often busy planning lessons and responding to other important tasks that they might lose track of special events and the items (e.g., car seats) needed for these things beforehand. This designated room parent will be the communication point for the teacher/teacher’s assistant and the CSPA.

Room Parents will use the Classroom News and the weekly Eagle's Eye as their primary communication channels. The Classroom News section is every parent's "go to" for class specific information regarding childrens' activities and school life (PE days, field trips, classroom projects, volunteer requests, major school events, etc.). The Classroom News is accessible from the individual Teacher Website links on the Eagle’s Eye email and also from “My Classes & Groups” on the Parent Portal. Please post all updates by 8pm every Thursday. Room Parents are strongly encouraged to plan ahead for upcoming events by publicizing information or recruiting volunteers a few weeks in advance via Classroom News. 

Each classroom will have a parent email distribution list to be used only by the Room Parents and teachers for communication. Classroom parents, the homeroom teacher, and Neely Norris are included in the distribution list recipients. Emails that are sent to the entire class are intended for school-related items and announcements only. There will be occasions when you may need to email the class regarding detailed information from the teachers, last minute announcements, or important reminders. However, in the interest of minimizing the number of emails to parents, we recommend that you consolidate and include all of your information primarily in the Classroom News section of the Eagle's Eye.

Meeting with Teachers

It is important to introduce yourself to the classroom teachers during the first week of school and arrange a meeting to learn what the teacher's specific needs will be. Some teachers heavily utilize the Room Parents while others, due to personal preference, age of the children, or other considerations, choose to limit the types of classroom activities that the Room Parents undertake. Please be sure to familiarize yourselves with the school policies and teacher preferences regarding birthdays and holiday parties/activities.

In this meeting, it’s important to confirm the following:

  • Dates and times of all field trips (you will need to confirm these as the date approaches)
  • Dates and times of holiday parties (reconfirm as date approaches)
  • How teachers would like to celebrate in-class events (i.e. birthday parties, etc.)

Making these dates available at Back To School night will greatly assist you in having the assistance you will need from other parents.

Be prepared to do a very brief presentation to your fellow families at Back to School Night after your classroom teacher has made his or her remarks. This is a good opportunity to go over the class fund budget, collect class funds, discuss field trip and party sign-ups. We suggest you have sign-up forms available, both online and in hard copies, so parents may volunteer for classroom activities and field trips.

The communications parent should remind the parents that Back-to-School Night in September is an event for the parents only; child care will be provided at school for Carey students only. Notifying the parents that sign-up sheets will be available (if you choose to do so) and suggesting they bring their calendars and class fund contributions will help you in having enough assistance for events and collecting classroom funds.