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Room Parents

Each class has three room parents and their key role is to support classroom activities and act as liaisons between the teachers and parents.  Please refer to the Room Parent Guide for detailed role descriptions and other important information.  

Questions?  Please email CSPA co-VP Stephanie Duncan at (for PK through 2nd), or Esther Shek at (for 3rd through 5th).  

The Room Parents for 2019-2020 are as follows: 


PK Jeff Maltz: Communications

PK Emily Chen: Classroom Events

PK Suman and Sonal Talukdar: Special Events


KM Vanessa Gambina: Communications

KM Han Zhou: Classroom Events

KM Neha Ramdas: Special Events

KH Jamie Hwang: Communications

KH Uma Mahadevan: Classroom Events

KH Bilge Atali: Special Events


1R Mia Malhotra: Communications

1R Lulu Azzghayer: Classroom Events

1R Hava Unger: Special Events

1Z Rachel Chanin: Communications

1Z Melita Jampol: Classroom Events

1Z Natasha Taylor: Special Events


2C Amy Vinther: Communcations

2C Lindsay Ramsay: Classroom Events

2C Esther Shek: Special Events

2F Jeffrey Schroeder: Communcations

2F Ravi Rao: Classroom Events

2F Jason Kwok: Special Events


3D Stine Jewett: Communications

3D Josephine Lochbaum: Classroom Events

3D Mark Punzalan: Special Events

3P Rachel Chanin: Communications

3P Consuela Stewart: Classroom Events

3P Melissa Sims: Special Events


4K Sophia Tseng: Communication

4K Sunita Parbhu: Classroom Events

4K Jamie Hwang: Special Events

4M Andrew Way: Communications

4M Briana Ishida: Classroom Events

4M Tara de la Garza: Special Events


5C Jean Lees: Communications

5C Janina Dong: Classroom Events

5C Nina Herndon: Special Events

5L Marnie Breckenridge: Communications

5L Kaye Slavet: Classroom Events

5L Kim Pepper: Special Events