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Walkfest (virtual) 2020: Sunday, October 18th @ 10:30 AM . More details to come!



(From 2019) We look forward to seeing you at Walkfest!!

Students starting Walkfest

Walkfest is Carey's fall fundraiser for the CSPA and inter-generational event for the whole family, all rolled into one. A time-honored tradition, Walkfest embodies the spirit and mission of Carey through inclusivity, diversity and a sense of personal responsibility. 

We invite all Carey families and faculty and we even offer special seating/viewing for grandparents. Carey alumni are also invited – so it’s one big Carey family in attendance.

Walkfest is also a great kick-off to the new school year, and a way to show our newest members (kids, parents, grandparents and faculty) our school spirit and what we can accomplish when we work as a team!

Walkfest supports the school in many ways, including many activities and events organized by the CSPA. So, if you’re new to Carey and Walkfest, or just need a refresher after a long summer break, we’ve put together a little FAQ for you at the end.

Be sure to:

Register and Donate: register student participants, place lunch orders, create donation web pages and show your support for our school!  Our goal is to raise an average of $300 per student.

Volunteerfor a few Walkfest jobs. There are over 400 volunteer opportunities! It's also a great way of getting in your 10 hours of revenue generating volunteer hours.

Get your Walkfest Gear: Get your Walkfest T-shirts here. Carey gear will also be on sale during some school events and Walkfest.

We walk, we talk, we have fun, we are one and we raise money for our school – We Are Team Carey!


Walkfest FAQs

What is Walkfest?
Walkfest is the Carey School Parent Association's (CSPA) Fall Fundraiser.  

What happens at Walkfest?
The entire Carey community gathers at the track of our neighbor - Serra High School - and we walk lots and lots of laps. For each grade, there are individual lap goal levels and the kids are encouraged to set a goal and try to achieve it. There are also grade-level lap goals to encourage teamwork and collaboration

After all that walking, we head to the Serra cafeteria for lunch and ice-cream.  Games are also set up for the kids in the courtyard area.

Who can come to Walkfest?
All Carey students, their parents, guardians, grandparents, friends, Carey teachers, Carey admin, Carey alumni - all are welcome!

Why do we have Walkfest?
Walkfest is a time-honored Carey tradition and it is our way to celebrate the Carey Spirit, support our school, build our community and encourage health and fitness.

What are the funds used for?
Funds raised through Walkfest go to support the many activities and events organized by the CSPA.  Some examples are:
School Enrichment Programs, such as: Literature Week, Art Week, Pauline Murray Sports Day, World Language Week, Book Swap.
Carey Community Events, such as: Pumpkin Patch, Spaghetti Dinner, Mentoring Program, Family Fun Night, Faculty & Administration Appreciation Week.  
Caring at Carey Events, such as: improving our own grounds at Carey's Garden Day, sorting food items at the San Francisco Food Bank, and working with HandsOn Bay Area and a local school on a service learning inspired event.

When is Walkfest?
Sunday, November 10th
From 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM

What are the Walkfest Awards?
As in years past, all participants of Walkfest will receive Gold, Silver and Bronze medals based on the number of individual laps walked. 

Grade level lap goals for individuals and grades are listed below.

The Fitness Grand Champion award will be given to the boy and girl, school-wide, who walk the most laps.





Grade Goals




14 or more





18 or more





23 or more





26 or more





30 or more





34 or more





36 or more


To ensure a safe event, lap count goals may be adjusted depending on weather conditions on the day of event. Check the lap count sign posted by the starting line for the latest update.