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Bringing School to You

“What did you do at school today?” is one of the hardest questions for your child to answer. We get it. So we send frequent and informative communications to fill in the blanks and bring school life and the student experience to you.  

The Nuts and Bolts

Field trip timing, today’s lunch menu, early dismissal, special assemblies, a community service opportunity. Sometimes, it’s all about the details, and we’ve got them covered. Through a comprehensive online calendar, weekly Eagle’s Eye newsletters, class webpages, room parent communications, and our parent portal, we keep families informed.

Parents and teachers meeting to discuss learning progressPortrait of the Child

We know our students, and our teachers are in a unique position to share perspectives on their development. In-depth, whole-child, comprehensive written assessments that evaluate effort, approaches to learning, and level of mastery in every skill area are provided at mid-year and year-end. Parent-teacher conferences are held twice each year, and in the upper grades involve student self-assessments. And, of course, our teachers are always accessible, eager to meet with parents any time to discuss joys or concerns whenever they arise.

Up to Date on the Latest

We want our families to be well-informed about all areas of school life. Through our monthly article, The Aerie, we share our perspective on educational trends, new or evolving school practices, or outside community events that may be of interest. We hold an annual State of the School conversation to share the school’s progress over the year and its longer-term strategic direction. And we publish the Carey Connection, an annual printed magazine, to showcase school news and the accomplishments of our alumni community.