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The Carey School Strategic Plan

It's Elementary


Specializing in Elementary Education

Specializing in Elementary Education

Our goal is to be an expert in elementary education that sets the standard for other elementary schools.

We Know Children and

Developmental stages

  • Ensure our program centers on student age, ability and interest levels.
  • Deliver a challenging curriculum for our learners and communicate about it beyond the classroom to enhance school/home partnerships.
  • Utilize contemporary research-based curricula and standards in areas of math, language, reading, writing, social studies, science, technology, the arts, and athletics.

Appropriate grade-level content and skills

  • Ensure consistency of experience and challenge within grade levels and across core and co-curricular subjects.
  • Emphasize play-based learning at younger ages progressing towards collaborative critical-thinking and leadership at older ages.

Character education

  • Place greater explicit emphasis on ethics, civics and moral development in the curriculum.
  • Continue integration of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) concepts throughout our program and strengthen it with greater opportunities to foster optimism, effort and empathy.

We Celebrate Children through


  • Promote an environment for students to learn-by-doing through project-based learning, structured and unstructured play, assemblies, and field trips.
  • Provide integrated studies opportunities to help students make connections between subject areas and develop a broader view of challenges and solutions.

Their eyes

  • Prioritize fun and the joy of our school.
  • Provide opportunities for all children to be their authentic selves.

We Prepare Children for

The next grade level

  • Ensure that each student steps up to the next grade level aware of accomplishments, personal abilities and areas for growth.
  • Offer support of learning resources to address specific student needs.
  • Institute authentic, formative, and student-driven assessments to complement teacher-driven assessment.

The next school

  • Graduate independent learners who can manage the social, procedural, and academic aspects of middle school.
  • Expand our connections with local middle schools through board, administrative and faculty relationships.

Life beyond Carey

  • Enhance real world relevance and the role of citizenship in our curriculum, with emphasis on multicultural, service-learning, and ecological awareness.
  • Implement age appropriate school-wide projects to address local/national/global problems and connect student learning to the larger world.

Cultivating Elementary Teaching Expertise

Cultivating Elementary Teaching Expertise

Our goal is to have outstanding elementary teachers and be a school where great teachers want to work.

We Know Elementary Teaching and

Attracting great teachers

  • Conduct nationwide searches for job openings.
  • Develop relationships with key teacher training programs to ensure the most mission-aligned applicant pool.
  • Build our culture as a great place to work.

Hiring and retaining effective faculty

  • Explore compensation options to reward the impact faculty and staff have on delivering the school's mission.
  • Offer teachers attractive, competitive compensation.
  • Develop innovative, non-salaried benefits to meet our faculty's financial planning and quality of life goals.

We Celebrate Elementary Teaching through

Teaching excellence

  • Recognize commitment and high quality engagement with students in and out of the classroom.
  • Provide teachers with ample resources to succeed in the classroom.


  • Support effective models for collaboration that are most impactful on the classroom and students.
  • Provide structured and unstructured time during the school day for faculty to know each other's work and share ideas on advancing teaching practices and curriculum.
  • Prioritize collegiality and cultivate opportunities for teachers and staff to enjoy their work and communicate positively about it.


  • Foster an environment where innovative teaching is encouraged to further our educational mission.
  • Become "connected educators" who thoughtfully use technology as a teaching, learning, communication and professional development tool.

We Prepare Elementary Teachers for

Achieving their personal best

  • Measure performance on a regular basis to promote growth and renewal.

Classroom and career success

  • Inspire our faculty and staff through personalized professional development plans that targets areas of individual interest and growth while advancing the mission of the school.

Caring for the Carey Community

Caring for the Carey Community

Our goal is to enhance our distinctively "Carey" community that celebrates and supports elementary students and their families.

We Know Our Community and

School-family partnership

  • Align efforts to support student growth through improved and consistent school-family communication.
  • Be mindful of the financial, time and volunteer commitments asked of families to be resource-conscious and nimble in carrying out community activities.

The individuals who comprise it

  • Foster an inclusive environment for families of all backgrounds and perspectives as communicated in our Statement on Diversity and Inclusivity.

We Celebrate Our Community through

A shared purpose

  • Adhere to Carey's mission and values of kindness, respect and personal responsibility.
  • Strengthen our community through family-centered traditions and new events that bring our community together for learning, sharing, fun and friendship.


  • Encourage broad, whole family participation in school life by providing appropriate opportunities to volunteer, engage and see the school in action.
  • Welcome mission-appropriate parent-initiated groups that build community, support parents, teachers and students and enhance the Carey experience.

We Prepare Our Community for

A broad perspective on parenting and education

  • Expand opportunities for parent and family education through communications and access to outside experts and resources.
  • Support initiatives that expand our families' connections with our local community and the world.

School life after Carey

  • Prepare parents and families for their child's transition to middle school.
  • Provide opportunities for ongoing affiliation with Carey after graduation.
  • Maintain connections with alumni and alumni families to benefit from their experience, history and institutional knowledge.

Strengthening Our School

Strengthening Our School

Our goal is to ensure Carey's long-term sustainability through the responsible stewardship of resources.

We Know Our School and

A strong operating model

  • Ensure the school operates within its means in the short and long term.
  • Improve further the school's financial strength and operational flexibility.
  • Address capital project commitments in a timely fashion.

Good governance

  • Enhance trustee and administrative processes for financial and fiduciary reporting, monitoring, risk assessment and planning.
  • Employ best practices to guide operational and financial decision-making.

We Celebrate Our School through

Investments in curriculum, faculty and financial aid

  • Prioritize programmatic enhancement to offer the most educationally effective curriculum, materials and technology.
  • Continually benchmark practices of peer schools and leverage industry resources to ensure we remain on leading edge of compensation practices and non-monetary benefits.
  • Offer meaningful financial assistance to keep a Carey education accessible to a wide range of families.

A robust advancement program

  • Optimize time, energy and resources in advancement.
  • Expand sources of giving.

We Prepare Our School for

Our elementary mission

  • Maintain a safe and welcoming campus.
  • Create a master plan for the campus site.

Environmental and resource sustainability

  • Develop more natural spaces for ecological learning and play.

Long-term financial health and flexibility

  • Build endowment and reserves to enable the school to thrive in challenging economic environments.