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Celebrating Childhood

Kindergarten students celebrating rainbow day

Joy Every Day

If there’s one thing we never forget at Carey, it’s that kids need to be kids. In a fast-paced, achievement-oriented world, Carey is a community that celebrates the simple, joyful moments of being young.

Cherished Traditions

Throughout the year, we create time and space to come together as a learning community. Holiday Sing, Literature Week, Pauline Murray Sports Day, World Language Week, Art Days, and Operetta are a few of the time-honored traditions that Carey students and families look forward to each year.

Simple Wonders

Beyond the larger traditions and events, we also celebrate the everyday moments. Mastering the monkey bars, building a block city, the awe of a butterfly shedding its chrysalis, solving the weekly math challenge, and helping a friend in need. These are the delightful flowers along the Carey learning path, and we stop to savor them every day.

Kindergarten student having fun on the playground

My School

At Carey, we want our students to feel a safe and supported. We want them to be themselves, take risks and find their own voice to say, “I did it!” In the end, it’s their learning journey. We’re here to make it the best it can be.