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Students as Leaders

Growing Roles and Responsibilities

5th grade leaders and our mascot Feathers, presenting at a spirit assembly

A large part of creating confident learners is giving them increasing responsibility along the way. At Carey, we support our students in growing into valued leaders of our learning community.

Pitching In

Children feel valued when they have meaningful roles to fill. Starting in the earliest years and building toward fifth grade, Carey students help tidy their classrooms, bus lunch trays, make announcements, and raise the flag. Everyone plays a part in keeping Carey great.


Connections across grades knit our community together. Beginning in pre-kindergarten, our Buddy Program pairs older students with younger ones to provide opportunities for sharing, play, and mentoring. Through regular meetings, our younger students get a role model to look up to, while our older students learn lessons in kindness and personal responsibility.

Young Leaders

As students grow, they fill more important roles at school from leading book club discussions and math groups to presenting in front of their classmates. By fifth grade, students are leading all-school assemblies, starring in our creative arts productions, and directing their parent / teacher conferences in the spring. Carey graduates leave with the skills to self-advocate, lead others, and reach their fullest potential in middle school and beyond.