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Flying Eagles

A Gift Planning Program For The Carey School

In 1928, Mary and James Carey founded a small preschool for their two daughters and a few neighborhood friends. Mary and James were dedicated parents who wanted a school that their children would love, and that emphasized the values of kindness, respect for self and others, and personal responsibility.

In the years since, hundreds of others have built on the inspiration of those inaugural Carey parents and created an indelible school. Year by year and brick by brick, The Carey School has grown and prospered through the generosity, commitment and love of so many. Today, The Carey School sets the standard for elementary education, sustained through the dedication of families, friends and educators honoring those original core values.

We hope you will consider making the ultimate gift to our little school and include The Carey School in your estate planning. Planned gifts to Carey have a deep impact on the school’s future and will ensure the joyful Carey community for generations to come.


Envisioning a Strong Future

Flying Eagles - Eric Temple and Garry ShermanTrailblazers Eric Temple & Garry Shermann

Motivated by a desire to ensure the best possible future for The Carey School, former Head of School Eric Temple and husband Garry Shermann made a commitment to Carey in 2011 by including the school in their will. This generous and forward-thinking gesture enabled Carey to launch the Flying Eagles gift planning program and secure commitments from four additional donors. Flying Eagles ensures that The Carey School can continue to inspire curious, con dent and joyful learners, and celebrate childhood for generations to come.

We are grateful to Eric and Garry for helping The Carey School launch such an important program to provide solid financial footing for Carey’s future.


Flying Eagles - The Moore FamilyThe Moore Family

The Carey school has been pretty much the most important thing in our lives over the past decade.

It has been at the center of our existence. Our children's learning, our good friends, our volunteering, the warm community — so much of who we are as a young family has involved Carey, and our a affections for the school have frankly surprised us! We are proud of our planned gift. It won't help the school soon, but one day in, say, 50 years or so, maybe this gift will enable another family to have the same wonderful experience as the Moore family.

—Sandy and Mark Moore, Joe ‘14, Evelyn ‘16, and Patrick

Flying Eagles - The Berman FamilyThe Berman Family

As our last child approached her fifth grade year at Carey, Michael and I began to think about what a significant role Carey has played in our family's life. We love Carey and believe strongly in its mission, its people and the impact it has on our entire community. We are grateful for the opportunity to have been a Carey family, and we wanted to give something back to the school that would help ensure the Carey experience for generations to come. Including Carey in our long-term financial plans was an easy, yet lasting way for us to say thank you.

—Betsy and Michael Berman, Charlie '12, Sarah '14, and Anna '16


A Flexible Way to Support The Carey School

EASY. A few sentences in your will or living trust complete the gift.

TAX WISE. Your estate may be entitled to an estate tax charitable deduction.

VERSATILE. Donors have options. You may:

  • bequeath a specific item
  • pledge a specific dollar amount
  • gift a percentage of your estate
  • make a contribution that is contingent upon certain events

PERSONAL. You can pledge in any way that feels right to you. For example to build our endowment to provide sustained strength, or to financial aid so that future families may have the same experience you have had. It can also be an open gift, inviting future leaders to direct it to the best needs of the day.

REVOCABLE. Until your will or trust goes into effect, you are free to alter your plans.


Gift Planning at Carey

Planned gifts are not just for the wealthy, and can work for families of all ages. We are happy to speak with you about how to help create a plan for your family while making a meaningful and lasting commitment to The Carey School. To support the Flying Eagles download our Letter of Intent form.

To learn more, contact our Advancement Office at


Our Flying Eagles

  • Mary T. Carey (deceased)
  • Claire Carey Willard (deceased)
  • Eric Temple and Garry Shermann
  • Michael and Betsy Berman
  • Mark and Sandy Moore
  • Darren and Devon Gold
  • Robert and Karina Dykes
  • Jon and Cristal Waldrop
  • Duncan Lyon and Veronica Agosta
  • Matthew and Lindsay Folk